Effective eBay Bidding - How To Get the Lowest Price on Anything You Buy on eBay

Published: 25th January 2008
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Here I'm going to take you through a little concept that I like to call "Bidding for Profit". You may have heard the old saying "The profit is made when you buy, not when you sell". This is especially true on eBay. No matter what you decide to sell, the true profit is made when you buy the item.

So what does this have to do with bidding on eBay? EVERYTHING! One of my favorite strategies to make quick money is to buy items on eBay and then turn around and sell them for a profit. And the key to making this work is bidding correctly.

I would estimate that only 2% of eBay bidders really get this right. That leaves 98% of the eBay bidders that are making one or more HUGE mistakes when placing their bids. And it may even be worse than that. So this probably leaves you asking, how can you make mistakes on something as simple as placing a bid on an eBay item? Here's the thing:

You can always see exactly when an auction is going to end by looking at the "Time Left" section of the auction. If you've bought anything on eBay you have probably noticed that most of the bidding takes place right near the end of the auction. The bidders that bid last are usually the ones who end up winning the auction.

There is absolutely no point in placing your bid before the final seconds of the auction! Placing bids earlier only raises the current price of the item and invites your competitors to outbid you. This is great for the seller, but terrible for the final buyer of the auction. If you want to buy items as cheap as possible, you must place your bid in the final seconds of the auction.

Placing your bid at the last second allows you to snatch items right from under your competitor's noses. They will have no time to respond because by the time they see that you have outbid them, the auction is over! This is commonly referred to as "bid sniping".

Bid sniping is completely within eBay's rules and regulations although it will seem that you have an unfair advantage....and you will!!! Suppose you have found an auction that you would like to bid on. Here is how you can snipe this auction:

1.Open up a browser window with the auction.

2.Open a 2nd browser window with the same auction. (You can do this
quickly by holding down the "CTRL" key and pressing "N" on your

3.Adjust the window sizes on your screen by clicking the "restore down" button. This is located in the upper right hand corner of the window. It is just to the left of the "X" button that closes the window. When you click this button, the window will become smaller.

4.Place your cursor on the lower left hand corner of the smaller window and adjust the size until you can view both windows simultaneously onyour screen.

5.In one auction window, enter the highest amount that you would be
willing to pay for the item. Press "Review Bid".

6.Enter your username and password but do not click the "Place Bid"
button. You are now ready to place your bid very quickly.
7.Now, you will use the second window to monitor the auction. Press the "Refresh" button to see how much time is left on the auction. Continue to "Refresh" the page until the time left is less than 20 seconds.

8.Once you refresh the page and see that there is 10 seconds or less left, quickly press the "Place Bid" button in your first window....
Your bid will be immediately placed and your competing bidders will not have time to respond! This is the best way to ensure that you win items for the lowest price.

Now that we've covered "manual" sniping, I am going to show you a way to put this process on autopilot. There is a way to have all of your bids placed for you, at the last second of the auction, no matter where you are. Your computer doesn't even have to be on. In fact, I win alot of auctions while I'm asleep.

The way to have this done automatically is to use a bid sniping service. With these services, you simply go to their site, enter the auction that you want to bid on, the amount that you want to bid, and the service will place the bid for you. This is the absolute best way to win auctions on eBay.

My favorite bid sniping service is Bidnapper. I have found them to be extremely reliable. They run high-speed computers that are connected to eBay at all times. This allows them to place your bids during the final seconds of auctions with great precision. I give them my highest recommendation.

First off, just realize that even by sniping, you won't win every auction. Some auctions are hotly contested, and bidders are simply bidding too much. But don't let that bother you. If you don't win an auction, there is a good chance that you will find another auction for the exact same item very soon. Remember there are millions of auctions being listed every day.

The best pointer I can give you is not to get caught up in the excitement of the auction. Remember your objective is to pay as little as possible for every item you buy. I can't tell you how many times I've lost auctions and then turned around and bought the same item for much less. I'll simply wait until I find an auction where there is not much bidding activity. Being patient is a big part of the game.

Here's one last tidbit that most eBayers never think about. Some auctions are hotly contested and start a bidding war, while other auctions (for the same item) only get a couple of bids or maybe even none at all. There are some very real techniques and strategies that you can use to create a bidding frenzy on your auctions.

Just think about what this really means. If there are ways to create a bidding frenzy and get maximum value when you sell an item on eBay, then you can quickly find items that aren't using these strategies and buy the items at dirt-cheap prices. Then you just relist the item on eBay using the correct selling strategy and sell it for maximum value. It's actually a very simple process.

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